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Bae Shawl

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Introducing to you, tiQaco accessories, a lovely stretch chiffon shawl! Comes in 3 colours, off white, peach and everyone's favourite, black. Our lovely shawls requires minimal ironing with chiffon smooth texture. Complete your Eid look with our lovely shawls this year!


Width : 27 Inch

Length : 1.8 Meter


Material : Stretch Chiffon

Colour : Peach based with light brown "insang pari" effect and customised flower with ribbon embroidery details

Opacity : 7/10

Product Care: Prefferable hand wash, do not dryer, do not dry clean, do not tumble dry, do not steam iron.

Bae Shawl Bae Shawl Bae Shawl Bae Shawl Bae Shawl Bae Shawl

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