Based in Malaysia, has been in the fashion industry since 2017. It was 2015 when our creative director, Atiqah Fauzi truly found her love, dream and niche in designing women's fashion specifically for thoughtful and timeless pieces that honor tradition

Everybody deserves to be shine, beautiful, and elegant. At, we are here to uplift our heritage and traditional wear with a contemporary touch. Moreover, we pride ourselves in bringing value to everyone by providing quality fashionable products at affordable prices and great customer service. 

At, we comprise you perfect pieces with only finest material, rich in detail, flattering silhouette, simplicity and timeless design. Our pieces are skillfully made and thoughfully designed to last longer, worn by one generation and passed on to the next.

The happiness in ladies' eyes when they see creations made just for them prompted us to switch gears and focus on timeless, pure and comfort collection.