Taking Care of Your Embroidery Clothes

Taking Care of Your Embroidery Clothes

Embroidered clothing and accessories have intricate stitches and may require special care when washing to keep them looking new year after year. Here at Tiqa.co we always recommend following the fabric care instructions on each item, but here are some additional tips that may be useful for you !     

The most gentle option is to hand wash and air dry the clothe, but we understand that not everyone has the time. If you do decide to machine wash, we suggest the following:

  1. To protect the embroidery, turn the clothes inside out. 
  2. Avoid washing the clothes with other items that could cause damage, such as zippers or buttons. 
  3. Select a gentle detergent. 
  4. Allow the clothes to air dry if possible. This will prevent any shrinkage from occurring. 
  5. If the embroidery has bright colours, a gentle wash in cold water can help to keep the colours from bleeding.

If you must iron, avoid using steam and avoid placing the iron directly on the embroidered area. Instead, iron the reverse side or use a pressing cloth over the embroidery. 

These quick tips will keep your custom embroidered items in pristine condition in minutes! Hope this helped , have a great day lovelies